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Westwood Works 1903-2003



Some of the documentation used at Westwood Works and by the Sports & Social Club:

1852 - 1919

1852: Charles Dickens visits Perkins, Bacon & Petch, predecessors of Baker Perkins

1902: WP&P Sales Brochure. An example of the sales brochures used by WP&P in the early part of the century, both before and after moving from London to Peterborough.

1904: WP&P Notice to Customers of Move to Peterborough

1907: WP&P Sales Brochure,

From the Customer List in 1907 WP&P Sales Brochure

1907: WP&P Sales Brochure for Hotel/Restaurant equipment

1912: WP&P Customer Reference Sales Brochure

1914: WP&P Sales Brochure for Scottish Bakers

1915: WP&P Works Patriotic Fund Report and Balance Sheet. A Fund to which employees at Westwood contributed to benefit casualties of World War One. (See Westwood Works in World War 1)

1915?: Page from "Pickings From Perkins" - William Frostick. A series of caricatures of senior WP&P managers, produced in 1917 and sold on behalf of the Red Cross.

1915?: Background to "Pickings From Perkins"

1917 (November): WP&P "Pickings From Perkins"

1919: Joint J. Baker & Sons/Perkins Engineers Sales Brochure. An illustration of joint sales activity between the two companies at or just before the merger in 1919. (See History).

1920 - 1959

Apprentice Progress Reports from 1936 and 1942. A four-monthly report was made to parents by the Apprenticeship Supervisor. Timekeeping, conduct, proficiency and progress both at work and at Technical classes were considered. A progress bonus was payable provided that progress to the specification of the Company had been maintained. (See Training)

A History of Baker Perkins and its activities from 1939 to 1945 by Sir Ivor Baker. An insight into the amazing work carried out at Westwood during WW2. (See Westwood Works at War)

1946: Company Logo

1948: The Foreman's Social Group Dinner. Interaction between employees at Westwood did not end when the "knocking-off" hooter blew. (See Gatherings and Site Facilities and Maintenance.

1949: Mutual Aid Fund. To provide income in case of illness. Adult male employees paid fourpence per week, deducted from wages, in 1949.

1949: Baker Perkins Pension & Life Assurance Scheme Membership Card

1949: Employees Profit Sharing Scheme. (See The Profit Sharing Scheme).

1950: Laundry Exhibition Guide. The Company attended many exhibitions each year, both in the UK and overseas. Although expensive to set up and man, to have a Stand at each of the main industry events was a very necessary part of commercial life. This guide to the 1950 Laundry Exhibition in London is somewhat out of the ordinary in its presentation.

1951: Staff Conditions of Employment. Working by the Rules in the Offices.

1952: Works Employees Conditions of Employment. Working by the Rules in the Factory

1954: Advertisement for Apprentices. Dating from the Opening of the new Apprentice School. (See Training)

1954: Westwood Works Forum. Set up in 1954 to "provide a means of personal communication and discussion between the policy-forming Administration of the Company and as many as practicable of those with whom the Management is working to a common purpose at Westwood Works". The Forum consisted of representatives from the Works Committee, Staff Committee, Foremen's Advisory Committee and the Shop Consultative and Advisory Committees. (See The Westwood Works Culture).

1954: Male Employees Benevolent Fund

1954: Apprentice Indenture Agreement. The contract drawn up between the Apprentice, his/her parents and the Company.(See Training)

1955: Westwood Works Staff Committee. The consultative body representing the Staff employees. (See The Westwood Works Culture).

1955: Baker Perkins Sports Club Brochure. Introduction to the activities of the Sports Club. (See Sports and Pastimes)

1955: Mutual Aid Fund

1956: Constitution of Shop Consultative & Advisory Committees. "To provide a regular means of consultation in each Shop between the Management and the employees on matters of mutual concern so as to eliminate causes of friction and misunderstanding and to secure the fullest measure of co-operation in matters undertaken in the interest of both parties". (See The Westwood Works Culture).

1956: Westwood Works - Works Committee. "What I desire to establish is community of interests between the workgiver and the worktaker on a true basis which will stand the inevitable shocks due to minor or only apparent differences of opinion arising out of question of detail and expediency connected with the incidents of daily work" - Mr. F.C. Ihlee, Managing Director, Perkins Engineers Ltd., 26th October 1916. (See The Westwood Works Culture).

1957: Gold Watch Presentation Invitation Card. An outward manifestation of the high level of company loyalty that existed at Westwood. (See Long Service Presentations).

WWRUFC Fixture Cards - 1957 to 1965. The activities of the Westwood Works Rugby Union Football Club. (See Rugby)

1958: Baker Perkins badge

1959: Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship. A valuable document much respected by engineering employers world-wide. (See Training).

1960 - 1979

1960: Schoolgirl Recruitment Brochure. An attempt to interest schoolgirls in a career in Engineering.
1961: Benevolent Fund For Male Works Employees. "The object of the Fund is to provide assistance to supplement statutory and other benefits in cases of hardship, without calling for special Shop collections". An employee's contribution in 1959 was 2p per week.

1961: Staff Handbook. The rights and responsibilities of Staff employees.

1962: Joint Consultation Handbook. (See The Westwood Works Culture).

1964: Works Pension and Life Assurance Schemes. Rules and Benefits accruing from the Pension Scheme as applying to Works employees.

1967: Group Pension & Life Assurance Schemes. The Rules and Benefits accruing from the Pension Fund as applying to Group employees.

1970: Apprentice Prizegiving Programme. Each year Apprentices competed for a number of cups and prizes that were usually presented by a well-known dignitary. (See Prizegivings).

1970: Benevolent Fund for male works employees

1970: Apprentice Progress Report

1971: Completion of Training Certificate. Proof that the employee had met the exacting standards of the Baker Perkins training scheme. (See Training).

1973: Works Handbook. The rights and responsibilities of the Works employees.

1977: Benevolent Fund for Works employees

1978: Group Directory. An internal guide to the organisation of the Company. (See Departments at Westwood Works).

1980 onwards

1981: Benevolent Fund Rules Field Services Division. The Rules as they applied to Field Services employees.

1981: Sports Club Application Form. A passport to the enjoyment of all of the facilities offered by the Baker Perkins Sports Club. (See Sports and Pastimes)

1981: Sports Club Rulebook. Playing by the Rules. (See Sports and Pastimes)

1986: Bowl Scraper. A promotional item given away on "Open Days" (See Open Days).

1987: Baker Perkins Group Activities. A list of the world-wide activities of the Baker Perkins Group.

Date?: Baker Perkins Suggestion Scheme. A very successful scheme that rewarded cost-saving ideas from employees.

Date?: Baker Perkins Lapel Badge (no. 2923). Used during wartime as a security check. (See Westwood Works at War).

There were two versions of this badge - one brooch style with a pin, and one for buttonholes. Each had 4-digit numbers stamped on the back (clock numbers?) and were made by Fattorini (Birmingham).

Date?: Sales brochure used by Werner Pfleiderer & Perkins Ltd. This described a revolutionary form of refrigeration invented by Loftus Perkins.

Late 1960s?: Holding Company Christmas Card. Like most commercial enterprises, Baker Perkins sent Christmas cards each year to its key customers, suppliers, etc. These date from around the formation of Baker Perkins Holdings in 1963 (See The Holdings Building).

Late 1960s?: Holding Company Christmas Card

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Press Advertising

This is a selection of the local and national press corporate advertising from the Baker Perkins days to APV Baker.

1968 1974 1974 1980 1984 1986 1988

1974: The making of a Recruitment Advertisement - Joan Bains and Pam Krajewska. Peterborough North Station undergoing re-building.

Pay Slips - Possibly the most important items of documentation!

1951: Jim Farrow's first Pay Slip. He was working as a Clerk in the Despatch Department at the time. 1954: Apprentice Wages 1974 Secretary's Pay Slip Late 1980s: Student Apprentice Pay Slip

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