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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Open Days

Reflecting the "Family" culture fostered at Westwood Works, "Open Days" - when the families of employees could see something of "what Dad does at work" - were warmly welcomed. These events were held in on a number of occasions over the years. An excellent sequence showing an "Open Day" which took place in 1955 is contained in a video "Bygone Peterborough" published by Bygone Films in association with the Peterborough Evening Telegraph in 1996. This includes extended shots of both the inside and outside of Westwood Works.

There followed a gap of 12 years before another "Open Day" was held in 1967. 10 years later, the event in September 1977 attracted a very large influx of visitors. All the main production shops and offices were open. with displays and demonstrations of both the means of production and the end product. To follow the marked path round the whole site meant quite a trek but refreshments were available at strategic points and aching feet could be rested while watching the Company film.

The event was repeated in October 1986. This time, not only was the Westwood site open but the (then) newly developed Printing Machinery and Bakery Machinery operations at Bretton were on view. The needs of the children were not forgotten and baseball caps, complete with the Company logo, were handed out as a memento of their visit.

1977: Company Open Day Guide 1986: Company Open Day Guide 1986: Baseball Caps 1986: "Look Out!" 1986: "What are those Dad?" 1986: "That looks complicated!" 1986: "And that's how you make bread!"

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