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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Characters from WP&P 1917

"Pickings from Perkins" is a collection of caricatures of senior WP&P managers, published and sold in 1917 in aid of the Red Cross Society. It was put together by W.H. Beanes and the artist was Frank Ball. More information about this publication can be found in Documentation.

(For other artists connected to Westwood see: Humour at Work, Lithographs and Another Artist in the Family).

F C Ihlee J E Pointon J H Booth J Newman G F Bonnor W H Beanes G Lewis
A S Roebuck W Harvey W O Sand H B Fairclough J W Gurney & W B Frostick C Hayward & Owen H Pelmore G Sellicks
Harry Hodgkin & Jack Robinson W F Shread W Jones T Hall C Robinson T H Robins Mrs B J Pelmore
A Farmery & H Evans Joss & Moss Sergeant Keachie Sparkes Mrs Wetherall E Billington Arthur Webber
H Walton Frank Ball

Each of the above caricatures was accompanied by some comments and a short verse about each subject.

The back page of "Pickings from Perkins" states - "Produced by the 3 Bee's - Scenes and Costumes - Ball F.; Book of Words - Beanes W.H.; Stage Manager - Bonnor G.F. - November 1917."

It is understood that only three leather-bound Presentation copies were produced in which each caricature was signed by the subject This to G.F. Bonnor.

A copy was sent by F,C. Ihlee to W.Taylerson - the brother-in-law of Loftus Perkins. The wording of the letter is of some interest as is the Letterhead.

We are fortunate indeed to have been loaned, by Peter Griffin, one of the original sketchbooks used by Frank Ball when preparing "Pickings from Perkins". This contains drafts for a number of caricatures which do not appear in the published volume. There are also some verses, some unfinished, for which caricatures have not been produced. It is possible to guess, by reading the draft verses, the reason why some of these were left out of the finished work - Mr Ball's sense of humour was decidedly waspish on occasion!

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