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Westwood Works 1903-2003


A Westwood Works RUFC XV existed in the mid 1930's and enjoyed regular fixtures against King's School. The Club kept going during WW2 with Jim Deboo and Jeff Odam persuading John Horrell to erect some posts in his field behind the farmhouse next to Westwood Airfield.

In early 1944, to mark Victory in Europe, Westwood Works RUFC challenged a team from the Free French Air Force who were in training at the RAF Westwood. The match took place at Alma Road and attracted a crowd of 1,000, including several local dignitaries. At the end of a "vigorous" match the result was a draw.

After the War, Peterborough Town RUFC was formed and most of the Westwood players moved over to the larger club. WWRFC was given a new lease of life with the efforts of the 1953/54 Apprentice intakes and went on to achieve significant success over the next two decades. An important annual fixture was a match against the Laundry Sports Club - always a hard fought event.

Compiled by WWRFC's indestructible long term Hooker, Walter Blades , the following attempts to identify the approximately 100 Craft, Student and Graduate Apprentices who, over the years, donned the blue and green hooped jersey to defend the Company's honour on the field of Rugby. Some of those mentioned below played only a minimum of games but all gained something from the experience - if only cuts and bruises - or a lifelong taste for a pint of beer! Later on, the club dropped the "Apprentice" title and older members were invited to play.



Roger Balcomb
Derek Ball
John Ballinger
Martin Barnicutt
"Dad" Barsby
Dave Baxter
Alan Beales
Norman Bell
Tony Belson
John Bewley
Bob Blades
John Blades
Wally Blades
Lionel Brewster
Peter Brodie
John Bushnell
Tony Canham
George Catamol
Keith Cheeseman
Ken Climpson
Mick Collison
Mick Corrigan
Roger Creed
Taffy Davies
Martin Davis
Ray Dawes
Jim Deboo
Alan Deboo
Andy Duffus
Rob Dunseath
Trevor Edwards
Phil Edwards
Alan Eldred
Barry Ellmore
Alan Fielding
Tony Fletcher
Taff Funning
Jim Haire
Paul Hanley
Steve Hazel
Mike Herring
Peter Herring
Keith Hinges
Gary Hitchen
Trevor Hollowell
Ian Howie
John Hucklesby
John Hurst
Keith Jennings
Ernie Jones
Ray Knifton
Barry Kraushaar
Bob Levers
John Linnaker
Rex Login
Ray Lydiard
Eddy Malaczeck
Eddie Marriot
Peter Marshall
Richard Maryniak
Cid Mcculley
Mac Mcculloch
Ray Measures
Don Mindham
Barry Moulton
Peter Newall
Colin Nichols
Norman Patterson
Howard Pettit
John Porter
Derek Pratt
Brian Prentice
Richard Preston
John Reeves
Geoff Rippon
Ned Robinson
Alan Rutterord
Doug Sharrat
Peter Shields
John Simpson
Pete Skells
Alan Smith
John Smith
Sid Smith
Rod Stainsby
Stim Stimson
Bob Streeton
Dick Swinscoe
Dick Talbot
Dave Taylor
Brian Thomas
Gimp Throne
Dick Tilson
Dennis Walker
Mick Ward
Ivan Wards
Derek Westwood
Ron Wright
Colin Young

A sports ground and pavilion were created at the rear of the works and remained in use until the company moved to Paston, when the rugby club played at the Phorpres Club on London Road. The club continues to this day, playing at Deacons School but it no longer has any connection with the company.


1944: WWRUFC Team 1954: Club Fixtures 1954: Club Fixtures 1955: WWRUFC Team 1955: WWRUFC on Grange Playing Fields 1956: Peterborough 7-A-Side team 1956: WWRUFC Match
1957: Club Fixtures 1959: WWRUFC Team Late 1950s: At the Peterborough 7-a-side Tournament


1961: WWRUFC Annual Match vs Laundry Sports Club 1962: Annual Laundry Match - The WWRUFC Team 1962: WWRUFC Annual Match vs Laundry Sports Club 1962: Club Fixtures 1964: Club Fixtures 1965: WWRUFC Team 1965: Club Fixtures

1970 onwards

1973-74: First match of the Season 1975: WWRUFC Team 1976: WWRUFC Team 1976: Rugby Past v Present Match 1976: Rugby Past v Present Match 1977: WWRUFC Team 1977: WWRUFC members working on the new Clubhouse
1979: 2nd XV 1979: Old Boys Team 1981: Past v Present 1983: Tour of South Wales Date?: WWRUFC Team

The help of Peterborough RUFC in compiling parts of this history is gratefully acknowledged.

For photographs of WWRUFC Dinners, please click here. In 2002, there was a reunion of the Rugby Club held at the Peterborough Rugby Club ground. Click here to see a selection of photos from that event and from the 50th Anniversary Dinner in 2004.

Social Life

As has been pointed out by Brian Prentice in Reminiscences, WWRUFC was not only about playing Rugby. A very full and varied social life took away some of the pain from the bruising sustained on the field of play.

Two pantomimes were written and produced by Robin Dunseath - "Aladdin and his Wonderful Pot" in 1962 and "Cleopatra" in the following year. The team's talents were not confined to the game as evidenced by the photos of a Skiffle Group performing at an early WWRUFC Dinner.

The WWRUFC's social life continues - see Reunions

1962: Aladdin and his Wonderful Pot 1963: Cleopatra Date?: Skiffle Group performance Date?: Skiffle Group performance

Life after the closure of Baker Perkins Sports Club

The Rugby Club remained on the Westfield Road site until the relocation of APV Baker and the closure of the Baker Perkins Sports Club in 1991, moving from Phorpres Sports Club to Stanground College to Deacon’s School, where the Club formed close links and launched its junior section.

In 2005 the club changed its name to Peterborough Lions and signed a deal to play its home games (2005-6) at Peterborough United Football Ground. A change in ownership at the football club saw the Lions move after two successful seasons to the East of England Showground for the 2007-8 season.

Finally, thanks to the support of Peterborough City Council, the Lions are leasing part of Bretton Park for the next 60 years. Ambitious plans have been drawn up for a new clubhouse, playing and training facilities. For more information about the club, see their website here.

The club has no longer any connection with the company trading as "Baker Perkins" from the old APV Baker factory in Paston, Peterborough.

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