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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Another Artist in the Family

The Drawings of Loftus Patton Perkins

This website features the work of a number of gifted artists - Rudolph Ihlee, Frank Ball and Bob Bains - but another, earlier artist was Loftus Patton Perkins, the eldest son of Loftus Perkins (Jacob's grandson). In 1883, Loftus Patton was advertising "Perkins' Celebrated Original Sketches" from an address in Kilburn. Some of these are shown below:

Following the merger between A.M. Perkins & Sons Ltd and Werner & Pfleiderer in 1893, Augustus Muir tells us that "Paul Pfleiderer was to be the dominating element in its management. The two sons of Loftus Perkins protested at the way things were developing. Any semblance of control at Regent Square had passed out of the hands of the Perkins family. Loftus Patton Perkins, the elder son, was offered a clerkship in the office at a pound a week".

Judging by the dates on the sketches reproduced above, Loftus Patton Perkins continued to earn at least part of his living as an artist.

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