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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Baker Park

Baker Park

The following series of photographs was taken in September 2009 by which time the landscaping had begun to mature and the attractiveness of the amenity will be readily apparent. The site diagram above clearly indicates that HMP Peterborough by no means fills all of the space vacated by Westwood Works. These views show that, for the residents of Westfield Road, the prospect of the abandoned factory which faced them for more than ten years has been replaced by a significantly more pleasant outlook. If Westwood Works had to go its replacement, without the sympathetic approach to the development of the site by the Prison authorities and Peterborough City Council, could easily have been less of a local amenity.

(NOTE: You will be able to get your bearings when it is explained that the shop in the background of the photograph of the archway used to be Belson's in Westfield Road).

Naming of the Park

The landscaped area between the Prison and Westfield Road, once occupied by Baker Perkins's offices and factory, was officially opened and named Baker Park by The Deputy Mayor of Peterborough on Tuesday 4th September 2007. Some photographs of the event follow:

In the last photo, it will be obvious from the Apprentice School in the background that Margaret and Dick Preston are standing close to where the Main Works Entrance once was.

Unveiling of the Archway and Commemorative Plaque

The Archway with one of the History Boards
The Commemorative Plaque

On 30th September 2009, in co-operation with Baker Perkins Historical Society, Peterborough City Council erected a specially commissioned archway and commemorative plaque at the entrance to Baker Park nearest the site of the original Works Main Entrance on Westfield Road. Margaret Preston cut the ribbon to officially open the archway at a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Peterborough, Councillor Irene Walsh; the Chief Executive of Peterborough City Council, Gillian Beasley; Mary Jo Darrah, the daughter of Sir Ivor Baker; and a large number of ex-Baker Perkins employees. The archway and plaque were financed jointly by PCC and donations from ex-employees.

(See note* below)

 (*From left to right, John Cowx - one of the partners who acquired the APV Baker business in April 2006 and renamed it Baker Perkins; Dick Preston; Mrs Patricia Cowx; and John Peake)

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