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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Retired Members

The Retired Members' Section was very well supported with much use made of the Sports Club House facilities and the opportunity to meet old colleagues while indulging in the many activities on offer. The Section was formed in 1959 and had at its height around 130 members, each paying a subscription of 5p per week. Various competitions were organised - snooker, dominoes (for the Jack Barrett shield), outdoor bowls (for the Harold Crowther Shield), etc. An important date in the Retired Members' calendar was the Annual Dinner.)

1959: Retired Employees Section 1966: Annual dinner 1977: Retired Members Reunion 1978; Silver Anniversary Tea 1978; Silver Anniversary Tea 1978; Silver Anniversary Tea 1978: Holiday at Southsea
1979: A visit to Westwood Works 1979: At the First Night of "Camelot" 1979: At the First Night of "Camelot" 1981: Off to the Italian Riviera 1981: First Night of "Kiss Me Kate" 1982: Bedewell Visit 1982: Visit to Westwood Works
1982: Off to Italy 1984: Holiday in Majorca 1985: Holiday in Portugal 1985: Visit to Westwood Works 1986: Cornwall Holiday 1990: Outing to Skegness

The Show Goes On

The Retired Members section still meets every Wednesday afternoon at the New England Club. The activities are many and varied as shown in the following photographs. A number of coach outings are also arranged each year and members' partners are invited.

Meet Old Friends Enjoy a Pint Analyse Last Night's Game Play Dominoes
Play Snooker and Enter a Competition

A Good Time was had by all

The Retired Members Club enjoyed their annual trip to Skegness on 5th July 2007.

Another glorious day by the sea with old friends.

A full programme of activities is planned for the 50th Anniversary year of the Retired Members Section and the members enjoyed another glorious day by the sea at Skegness for their annual Stag Outing - on 2nd July 2009.

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