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Westwood Works 1903-2003

The Holdings Building - Personnel

Ralph Batson recalls:

"The Group Personnel Services function was established to maximise the advantages to the group of a central focus on Personnel and Training policies and also to provide certain services to group companies in these areas.

The areas covered included all aspects of Training, Management Development, Compensation & Benefits policies, and also the administration of the UK Group Pension Scheme (NOTE: For information on the creation of the Baker Perkins Pension Scheme see The Pension Scheme). Whilst Industrial Relations were handled by individual Group Companies, the central function provided co-ordination in these matters where appropriate.

Management Training and Development were particularly important areas and the utilisation and promotion of the Groups own developed talent was an important objective."


Management Development/Training: A detailed account of how training within the Peterborough company, and more broadly within the group was developed is to be found in Training at Westwood Works.

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