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Westwood Works 1903-2003


The "family" culture extended to organising outings on a regular basis. Foremost in this activity was the Plate Shop and we record some of their outings dating from the earliest days of life at Westwood Works.


1912: Plate Shop outing to Sandringham Believed to be an outing for WP&P senior managers - the building work on a 2nd storey for the 1908 office block suggests a date around 1918 1930s?: Plate Shop outing to Felixstowe 1946: Plate Shop outing to Isle of Wight
1948: Foremens social outing to Matlock 1949: Plate Shop sweep outing to Windsor

1950 - 1969

1950: Plate Shop outing to Southend 1952: Plate Shop outing to Margate 1952: Plate Shop outing. The end of a busy day at Margate 1952: Plate Shop outing to Brighton 1953: Apprentices gather before visiting the Boots factory at Beeston, Notts. 1954: Accounts & Hollerith Dept. Night-Out at the Empire Theatre 1969: Cutter Shop outing to London
1960s?: The Machine Shop on a day trip to the Wye Valley

1970 onwards

1970: The Machine Shop visit Bolougne 1972: Printing D/O Outing to DRUPA Mid 1970s: The Machine Shop embrace new technology... Mid 1970s: ... but you can't beat a cold beer and a baguette! 1978: Outing to Bedewell - River Trip 1978: Outing to Bedewell - River Trip 1978: Outing to Bedewell - River Trip
1978: Outing to Bedewell - River Trip 1978: Outing to Bedewell - River Trip Foremen's Outing to Yarmouth - 1982 Date?: Pattern Shop Outing Date?: Get-together to mark the closure of James Halley

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Outing to the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley 1924/25

One of the earliest outings from Westwood Works was to the Wembley Exhibition of 1924/25. The following represents some of the correspondence between employees representatives and the Management as the trip was organised.

3rd April 1924

From the Works Committee.
Outing to the Wembley Exhibition - It was decided to hold the Outing on Saturday June 28th and request Management to negotiate with the Railway Company with a view to obtaining a through train to the Exhibition Grounds. It was decided to post a notice giving the date of the trip and approximate number travelling. Also, any persons wishing to take a friend must deposit the money for the ticket and admission to the Exhibition at least 14 days prior to the date fixed.

4th April 1924

From Mr. J.H. Booth
Wembley Outing. We are in communication with the Railway Company and will let you know the result in due course.

1st May 1924

Works Committee Meeting.
The various items have gone through and it was decided that we request Management to invite all Foremen on our behalf to join the employees in the forthcoming visit to the Exhibition. Request Management to proceed with the Arrangements for the train and negotiate for two saloons - one for the use of Foremen and Supervisors and their families and one for the Committee and their families.

15th May 1924

The Works Committee.
The management's offer of 5/6d per head was gratefully accepted and a letter of thanks to the Directorate was authorised. It was agreed to suggest that all contributors must pay in the price of their ticket, or tickets, by June 20th. Also, any employee wishing to take a friend must deposit 5/- with his application.

15th May 1924

From the Works Committee to J.H. Booth Esquire.
Dear Sir, Will you please convey to the Directorate on our behalf, our very sincere appreciation of the generous grant made to all employees towards the expense of visiting the British Empire Exhibition.

We are convinced that acts such as these go to establish, if possible, still more cordial relations between employees and employed at this factory and set an example that we are proud to endorse.

Yours faithfully,

H. Morton (Chairman), W. Harradence (Secretary)

(NOTE : It is worth pointing out here that this happened at a time when the management and employees were already coping with the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1922 and it is interesting to compare these letters with those between the Works Committee and Josh Booth recorded in The Great Fire of 1922).

20th May 1924

From the Works Committee.
Re - Wembley Exhibition. G.N.R. advise that the Train will be arranged for the approximate times asked for, viz - depart 8.00am and return Kings Cross at Midnight. Actual times will be sent to us at the earliest moment.

Corridor stock cannot be supplied, so I have asked for as many 1st Class coaches as can be spared. I have also arranged with the Station Master to affix labels on compartments for such parties of 10 as may be formed - labels and names of parties will be supplied by us.

Tickets will be available between Kings Cross and Wembley Metro.

Signed A.W.

6th July 1924

Works Committee meeting.
The Committee desire to thank the Management for the very enjoyable day spent at Wembley, which was made possible by the generous assistance given to the employees and trust that all who helped in any way will accept the thanks of the workpeople, particularly Messrs. Morlin and Weber.

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