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Westwood Works 1903-2003


Life at Westwood Works encompassed much more than the usual Sales Conferences and Senior Managers' meetings. Many individual departments held regular social events, outings and dinners.

1950 - 1969

1951?: BP/AEU Conference 1953: Apprentices assemble for a day out 1955: The Hollerith Department 1957 - Print Room Ladies Party 1950s: Accounts Department Christmas Party 1960: Accounts Department Christmas Party 1965: Management Conference
1965: Foremen's Social Group Retired Members 1966: Chocolate & Confectionery Sales Conference 1967: Preparing for Retirement class 1968: The Night Shift Fitter's Dinner 1968: Managing Directors' Conference 1969: Managing Directors' Conference 1969: Bakery Sales Conference
1969: Night Shift Dinner Dance            

1970 - 1979

1970: Commercial Exporting Procedures Seminar 1973: Customer Project Team 1974: Jack Robinson presents a wheel chair to the Medical Comforts Section 1975: Printing Division's Annual Dinner 1976: Printing Division's "Soopadoo" 1976: Foreman's Social Group Annual Ladies Night 1977: Bakery Division Buffet/Dance
1977: Purchasing Department Annual Social Event 1977: "Satt" returns for a visit 1977: Jim Stanley gets the BEM 1977: Printing Division's "Soopadoo" 1978: Biscuit Division off to Dusseldorf 1978: Farewell to Peter Bryant 1978: Biscuit Division Christmas Party
1978: Biscuit Division Christmas Party 1978: Biscuit Division Christmas Party 1978: Biscuit Division Christmas Party 1970: Night Shift Dinner Dance

1980 onwards

1981: Pre-Interpack Sales Conference 1983: Eric Bird awarded the BEM 1984: Interpack 1984: John Peake's Garden Party 1984: Senior Managers' meeting 1984: Joe Marks revisits the Factory 1984: Memories from Joe Marks
1984: The Fitting Shop - Christmas 1985: The Link - Fitting Shop - Christmas 1985: Christmas in the Bakery/Biscuit Fitting Shop 1986: Christmas in the "Link" Fitting Shop 1990: The Biscuit Technical Area at Christmas Date?: Retired Members Get-together Date?: Retired Members Get-together
Date?: The men of the Experimental Fitting Shop

A much anticipated event was the annual "Carol Concert" led by Ben Bingham in the Despatch Department on the last afternoon of work before Christmas, at which money was raised for Salvation Army charities. Ben was an accomplished musician who could play 44 instruments.

Jim Farrow recalls "It was a very popular event and employees came from all over the company to join in the service. It was quite a sight with people sitting on wooden crates and planks of wood, singing carols to their hearts content. Ben played the music and I seem to recall also played music on bottles containing different amounts of water."

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