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Westwood Works 1903-2003

The Roll Call - Y

Waleed Anwar Yacu
Chief Engineer/C&C
W.D. YaleCommercial Training Manager
Lawrence YarrowMaterial Control
Len YarrowPurchasing
Christopher C. YarwoodLabourer
Arthur Yates
A. YatesApprentice - WP&P
David J. YatesApprentice
Miss E.M. YatesCommercial Training Officer
F.C.L. YatesApprentice
Miss Gwen YatesDraughtswoman
James R. YatesStandards & Coding Company Standards Engineer Customer
J.A. YatesPostal Dept.
V.M. YatesPunch Operator
Miss A.E. "Sandy" YatteauContracts Controller
R.W. YaxleyApprentice
S.R. YeelesApprentice
Thomas J. YeelesFoundry - Moulder Coremaker
Bruce E. YeoIndustrial Trainee/DO Mech
T.G. YeomensTool Room
B.J. YerrellSecretary/Print Div (Sales)
Roy S. YerrellSales Proposals Engineer
Stephen A. YerrellHorizontal Borer
Miss E.M. YewenCommercial Training Officer
Peter YorkSheet Metal Worker
Alan C. YoulesEscalators
David C. YoulesTurner
A.John "Jack" YoungPlateshop Welder
Brian YoungTechnical Estimator
Miss Claire M. YoungSecretary
Colin G. YoungPrincipal Design Engineer
F. YoungWP&P
Alan W. YounghusbandDeburring Fitter
Keith G. YounghusbandClerk/Sub-Contracts
H.J. YoungClerk
J.C. YoungStudent Apprentice
K.A. YoungPurchase Ledger Supervisor Bakery Accounts
V.J. YoungmanEstimating
Mark R. YoungApprentice
M. YoungClerk/Reprographic
Paul YoungFitting Shop Chargehand
P.J. YoungTurret Operator
Miss S.M. YoungSecretary/Publicity
Tom YoungFitter
Victor YoungFitting Shop (Married Josephine Cooper)
Mr YousufCrane Driver/Foundry

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