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Westwood Works 1903-2003

The Roll Call - V

Howard VaccaTurner/PMC M/c Shop
Rodolpho VaccaGeneral Labourer/M/c Shop
Miss S.M. VaiciuskasAccounts
I. Valance (Junior)Sheet Metal Worker - Willesden
A. Valenti (nee Pescatore)Clerk/Shipping
Anthony G. ValentineLaboratory Assistant
Anthony J.W. Van der HoffChief Engineer
R.C. Van Der HydeStudent Apprentice
Willem A. Van SonsbeeckTrainee Sales Rep
H. VanaverbekeWP&P
Mike VardanisPrinting
James A. VarneyStudent Apprentice
Herbert H.T. VarranField Engineering
B.C. VaughanPatternmaker
Lewis H. VaughanCranedriver
Ray "Kid" VaughanPlateshop
William T. VaughanMiller - Machine Shop
Harold VealeSpares
Harry O. VealeFitter
H.R. VealeInspection
Keith R. VealeFitter
Andrew VentersFurnace Operator/Heat Treatment
Miss Cynthia VentersSecretary
E.H. VentersTool Room
Richard VerityDeputy Divisional Manager CCS
Ronald A. VerneyElectrician/Outdoor
Cecil G. VernonPlater's Mate
C.D. VernonGraduate Apprentice
C.A. VernumOperator/Printing
David A. VersoIndustrial Trainee
D.C. VesseyApprentice
Phil VesseyCanteen/CPO
Alan VickersMarket Research Unit
Ian VickersLabourer/Pattern Shop
A. Paul VickeryEscalators
A. VictorFitter
Luca ViglioneFitter
Michael ViitmaaInstallation Controller
M.R. VileManager, London Office
Jack W.S. VincentFitter
A. Edward "Ted" VinesMetal Finishing
C. VinesRough Grindery
Kitty VinesCanteen
Simon VineyContract Engineer
Nicholas J. VjesticaLabourer/M/c Shop
Paul VjesticaCCS Assembly
Stephen J. VooghtTraining Manager
Maurice H. VyseDraughtsman/Bakery

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