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Westwood Works 1903-2003

The Roll Call - T

Jit TackStudent Apprentice
Adam R. TackleyOperator/Clerk, Reprographic
Richard G. TadmanStaff Mechanic/Bky Sales
Hamdy TahaElectronics Design Engineer
Muhammad A. TahirStoreman/Tool Room
J.A.R. TaitStudent Apprentice
R.J. "Dick" TalbotSales & Project Manager
Clifford TalkingtonStoreman/Lithographic
C TallbotData Punch Operator
Terry C. TamplinMarketing Manager
H.W. TanbeyJig Borer
Ilija TanevskiYugoslav Trainee
D.A. TanquerayApprentice
D.Y.B. TanquerayDirector
Miss Pat Tansley
Miss S.M. TanWages Clerk
Ron P. TapsallSystems Programmer
Mohammed TariqWelder
Patrick A. TarlingSlinger
Ms. Mavis TaskerHollerith Dept.
P.E. TaskerStudent Apprentice
William H. TateFettler/Foundry
David J. TavernerMiller
Mr TaylorPlateshop
Arthur R. TaylorMaintenance
Arthur S. TaylorFitter (Deburring)/Fitting Shop (Bakery)
A. TaylorPostman
A.E. TaylorOutdoor Dept
A.M. TaylorElectrical Stores
B.J. TaylorSenior Contract Engineer
Charles TaylorSecurity
Christopher TaylorFinance Director
Colin TaylorSmall Components Cell
C. TaylorApprentice
David E. TaylorFitter
David J. TaylorMiller
Denis TaylorChargeman/Spares
Dennis W. TaylorGeneral Labourer/Foundry
D. TaylorOverall Attendant, part time
Edward TaylorFitting Shop
Edward H. TaylorMiller/M/c Shop
Frank TaylorPattern Maker
F. TaylorMaintenance
F.H. TaylorPattern Shop
F.J. TaylorPostman
Geoffrey E. TaylorPre-Apprentice
Harold A. TaylorSecurity
Harold W. TaylorInspector
Henry TaylorField Engineering
Jack TaylorHeat Treatment Foreman
John TaylorFitter
John S. "Jack" TaylorHeat Treatment Superintendent
John W. TaylorOperator/M/c Shop
Jonathan D. TaylorStudent Apprentice
J. TaylorService Engineer
J.H. TaylorMachine Shop
Ken TaylorFitting Shop/Sports Club (Doorman)
Kenneth A. TaylorFitter
Kenneth J. TaylorGeneral Labourer/Maintenance
Miss Marion TaylorPlanning and Ratefixing
Martin E. TaylorGraphic Designer-Publicity
Michael J. TaylorSenior Draughtsman
M.G. TaylorTemp Clerk, part time/Printing
M.I. TaylorPlater
M.I. TaylorTelephonist
M.J. TaylorMiller
Neil R. TaylorSub Contract Engineer
N. TaylorTurner
N.K. TaylorD/O
Peter A. TaylorSales Manager
Richard C. TaylorAccountant
Roland D. TaylorPainter
Ronald W. TaylorSenior Ratefixer
R.N. TaylorApprentice
Stuart P. TaylorFitter
Thomas R. TaylorSuperintendent/After Sales Service
Trevor J. TaylorMarker-Out/M/c Shop
William TaylorMillwright
H.R. TeakleTechnical Services
J.A. TeatRough Grinder
Mr TebbsApprentice WP&P
David R. TeeFitter
Doug TeeSales Correspondent
John TeeDespatch
P.E. TeeTemp Clerk, part time
Robert D. TeeInspector
Arthur TeesonFoundry/Fettling Shop Foreman
C. TeesonRough Grindery
Douglas D. TelferHeating Mechanic/Field Engineering
Laz TemimiCommissioning Engineer
Wilfred B. TemperleyFettler/Foundry
Paul TempestGraduate Apprentice
Harvey TemplePolisher/Electro-Plating
John TempleSystems Engineer
Dick TemplemanBakery Sales
Roger TerrellAssistant to Company Secretary
Steve F. TerrellSystems Engineer
Vincenzo TestaFoundry
B.T. ThackerApprentice
F.C. ThainHeat Treatment
Ted ThainWorks Manager/Director
Surendrakumar ThakkerErection Driller/Bisc Fitting Shop
S.A. Thatcher (nee Sell)
Miss L. TheophaneCatering Attendant
Robert.G. ThirlwellPlater
J.D. ThistletonTurner
H.J. Thomas (nee Taylor)Computer Operator/Typist
Allen ThomasMillwright
Bryan T. ThomasForeman/PMC Boring Section
C.M. ThomasGraduate Apprentice
David G. ThomasInstallations Controller
F.R. ThomasTechnician
Gordon J. ThomasGeneral Labourer/M/c Shop
Ian D.W. ThomasAsst. Advertising Manager
P.E. ThomasApprentice
P.M. ThomasReceptionist
Staff P. ThomasFitting Shop
Stephen M.F. ThomasAssistant to Accountant
J.A. Thompson (nee Barrass)Attendant/Canteen
Andrew W.G. ThompsonVacation Trainee/Bisc. Sales
Anthony ThompsonTurner
A. ThompsonTechnician
A.L. ThompsonC+C Sales
Brenda ThompsonTravel
B.I. ThompsonPart time
Darren T. ThompsonFitter
David ThompsonDraughtsman
Donald ThompsonElectrician
D.M. ThompsonApprentice
D.W. ThompsonApprentice
Frederick P. ThompsonField Engineering
Jeremy S. ThompsonSheet Metal Worker
Joyce ThompsonDrawing Office Tracer
J. ThompsonWorks Hairdresser
Miss J.E. ThompsonClerk Typist/Personnel
J.I. ThompsonClerk
Ken ThompsonChief Engineer - Printing
Kevin P. ThompsonMiller/M/c Shop
L. ThompsonWP&P
M. ThompsonAttendant/Canteen
Nicholas M. ThompsonDraughtsman
Nicholas R. ThompsonBuyer
Paul L. ThompsonFitter
Peter A. ThompsonMate/Blackodising
Peter G. ThompsonStudent Apprentice
Peter J. ThompsonMiller (Scharmann)/M/c Shop
Miss P.E. ThompsonClerk/Reprographic
Robert P. ThompsonFitter
Steven J. ThompsonFitter/Service Workshop
Miss S. ThompsonProcurement Expeditor
S.J. ThompsonPlater
Thomas G. ThompsonLabourer
Tommy H. ThompsonTool Store - Willesden
T.A. "Ginger" ThompsonLabourer - Tool Stores
Walter ThompsonInspector - Fitting Shop - Chairman - Shop Stewards 1934
Wesley D.O. ThompsonService Engineer/Print Div.
Wilf ThompsonCarpenter
A.J. ThomsonFitter
F.P. ThomsonOutdoor Electrical Supervisor
M.S. ThorleyTemp Clerk, part time
Mr ThornboroughPlater - WP&P
J. ThornburnTurner
C. ThornePlater
John E. ThornCarpenter
P.H. Thornton (nee Tansley)Typist
Hugh ThorntonSystems Programmer
Derek J. ThorogateSales Executive/Printing Sales
George ThorogoodCarpenters Shop - Wood Machinist
J. ThorogoodStudent Apprentice
S. ThorogoodPlater
Roger C. ThoroldPlater
Herbert ThorpeStores
Kevin J. ThorpeInspector
M.E. ThorpeAdmin Assistant
Paul T. ThorpeGeneral Labourer
Terry A.S. ThorpeBiscuit Sales Manager
S.J. ThrasherManufacturing Accounts
Ralph ThravesCleaner/Motoring Club Warden
Frederick "Joe" ThroneFitter - Experimental
Harry ThronePlate Shop Driller
H. ThroneVertical Lathe - Willesden
J. ThroneMachine Shop
M.T. ThronePlater
Raymond ThrowerSenior Export Shipping Clerk/Accounts
C.D. ThulbournClerk
Roy W. ThurlbornDraughtsman
Bill ThurleyMachine Shop (Married Doreen Elmer)
Charles H.T. ThurleyExternal Grinder/M/c Shop
D. ThurleyTypist
P.T. ThurleyFitter
David ThurmanSenior Design Engineer/Experimental
Mr ThurrellLabourer - Willesden
Alan W. ThurstonFitter
John W. ThurstonElectrician
W. ThurstonWP&P
Christopher TibbleElectrician
K.B. TibbleGraduate Apprentice
Geoffrey J. TibbsMoulder
Bruer W. TidmanDesigner/Engraving DO
M.A. TidmarshContract Engineer - Rolls
P.M. TigheCost Clerk
James H. TillettField Engineering
B.R. TilleyFitter/Turner
David W. TilleySenior Buyer/Sub-Contracts
O.W. TilleySupplies
Philip S. TilleyProduction Engineer
C.J. TillingCentre Accounts
W.J. TillmanField Engineering
R.J. "Dick" TilsonQuality Assurance Manager
Thomas B. TilstonField Engineering
Brian N. TimmsTurner/M/c Shop
David TimmsTurner
E.M. TinkerJunior Operator/Reprographic
Keith A. TinkerSenior Electrical Draughtsman
Andy W. TinklerSpecial Projects
Gary A. TinklerPre-Apprentice
Peter J. TinklerElectrician
Miss B.E. TiplerSecretary-Accounts
Arthur H. TitchenSecurity
G.F. TitmanMachine Shop
R.E. TitmanWP&P
Graham L. TizzardApplications Engineer/Bakery DO
Anthony TkaczukDeburrer
Arthur E. ToatesFitter - Experimental
S.W. ToatesPlate Driller
I.M.M. Todd (nee Ross)Data Control Clerk
David E. TodAsst Foreman/M/c Shop
F. ToddSenior Quality Controller
James R. ToddRep. Graduate Trainee/Printing
John E. ToddSenior Programmer
K. ToddSheet Metal Worker
Michael L. ToddAssistant Buyer
R.M. ToddPlater
R.W. ToddApprentice
Thomas D. ToddProgress Chaser
T.D. ToddComputer Department
T.M. ToddPlater
E.E. TokensClerk/Stores
R.B. TokensPainter
Paul G. TollerfieldStudent Apprentice
Len TollertonPlanning and Ratefixing
Clive L. TolsonSales
Herbert TolsonField Engineering
H. TolsonField Engineering
Edward G. TomaselliFitter
D. TomblesonTemp, part time
Mark A. TomblinTurner/M/c Shop (Turrets)
William J. TomkinsField Engineering
Arthur R. TomlinsonSheet Metal Worker
A.M. TomlinsonTelephonist
G.A. Tompkins
Mr TomsDriller - WP&P
H. TongeWP&P
Arthur J. ToogoodFitter/Deburrer
John ToogoodFitting Shop
David W. TooleyMiller/M/c Shop
D.W. TooleyMiller
P.G. ToplissApprentice
Christopher D. TopperManager/PMC Purchasing
C.O. TopperSupplies
Nigel TorranceProd Eng - Frame Cell
Luigi Salvatore TorselloStores
Michael L. TorselloSenior Storeman
R.A. Toull (nee Bickers)Archives
G.E. ToulminCompany Secretary
William A. ToulsonFoundry
Ray Towch???
R.S. TowchD/O
Rowland F. TowellStoreman
Andrew TowersFitter
Kevan R. TowningSpares Detailer
Kenneth TownsendStudent Apprentice
Dean TownshendYTS
Colin S TownsinFitter
Terry J. ToynePacker/Despatch
Miss S.J. Trainee
Edward TraterAccounting Assistant
John B. TraversDeburring/M/c Shop
N. TravisTurner
R. TravisApprentice
Miss R. Trayford
R.J. TraylerApprentice
EH TraynerManufacturing Accounts
B.J. TreadwellApprentice
Eamonn TreanorSenior Production Engineer
David TreasureMiller
A. TrelfordStudent Apprentice
Benjamin W.J. TrenchardClerk/PMC Sales
Iwan TretiakMaterials Handler
F. TrevittWP&P
B.M. TrevorSecretary
Eddie J. TrevorCorrespondent
L.A. TrimmerClerk
Andrew TrimmingsStudent Apprentice
Kenneth S. TrimmingsCorrespondent - Chemical
E.R. TrivettOverall Attendant, Cleaner/Surgical Attendant
Gilbert E. TrivettMachine Shop Foreman
Modestino TrombaccoLabourer
Mr. Trotter (Snr)Ratefixer
A. TrotterRatefixing
Gary K.W. TrowellFurnace Operator/Foundry Chargeman
P. TrowellInspection Dept.
P.F. TrowellPlate Shop Foreman
I. TrowerClerk/Typist, Despatch
Miss Joan TrueloveReprographic
Rodney D. TrumanFitter
Bruce W. TrundleD/O
C.A. TrussApprentice
David TrussGrinder
Gordon TrussFitter - Experimental
Peter TrussVacational
Roy G. TrussMillwright
Miss Norma TubbTracer
S.M. TubbData Control Clerk
K TuckerInformation Technology
K. TuckerMicro-Supp Analyst
Paul M. TuckerService Engineer/Bisc Div
Stephen M. TuckerMiller/Spares
John TuckStudent
John F. TuffnellPostal
Fred L. TullyService Engineer
Miss J.M. TullyDuplicating M/c Operator
Alan TunleyC+C D/O
D. TuplingPatternmaker
Miss Judy TuplingAccounts
Z.J. TurezynLitho-Operator/Lithographic
David S. TurleyManufacturing Buyer
David M. TurnbullGeneral Labourer/Foundry
Miss J.F. TurnbullClerk
J. Turner (nee Turpin)Order Typist/Spares
A.G. TurnerCutter Shop
B. TurnerGeneral Machinist/M/c Shop
Ms Christine TurnerCPO
Derrick C. TurnerSenior Draughtsman
Ms Janice TurnerO+I Dept
John E. TurnerFitter
John F. TurnerManufacturing Accounts
John R. TurnerLabourer/Customer Services
John William TurnerWelder
Kenneth TurnerTurner - Experimental
M.J.A. TurnerStudent Apprentice
N.J. TurnerChrome Plating
Richard S. TurnerDesign Engineer
Russell TurnerPlateshop
Russell E. TurnerWelder
R.H. TurnerMaintenance
Miss S.C. TurnerLitho-Operator/Lithographic
S.M. TurnerCopy Typist
William TurnerField Engineering
David TurnipFitter
Robin TurnipApprentice
David TurpinFitter
R. TurpinGearcutter
K.O. TurrellSales & Operations
Miss K.D. TurrellSenior Secretary/PMC Sales
John TushinghamPlater/Guillotine Operator
M.A. TuteckyjClerk/Typist
Glyn W.R. TuttStudent Apprentice
J.A. TuttMoulder
Debbie S. TuttlebeeShipping
John A. TuttlebeeApprentice
Roger TuttlebeeTrainee Draughtsman
Miss L. TuttonClerk/Foundry Sales
Michael R. TwabogProduction Electrician
H. TyersPostman
Terence T TyersFitter
V.J. TyersApprentice
E.W. TylerMaintenance
Michael E TylerPainter
Miss P.A. Tyler

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