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Westwood Works 1903-2003

The Roll Call - F

Giordano FagioliTape Driller
Steven J. FagioliInspector
James G. FaheyStores
Miss K.L. Fahey
Robert J. FailAccountant
Nigel A. FairbairnSmall Components Cell
E. FairbrotherField Engineering
K.L. Fairchild (nee Peck)Shipping Typist/Shipping
A. FairchildWP&P
Miss Jenny FairchildBiscuit Sales
Peter G FairchildField Engineering
H.B. FaircloughBuyer WP&P
Thomas FairleyField Engineering
Tom FairleyField Engineering
C. FairmanWP&P
W. FairmanWP&P
Stuart FairPersonnel Manager
Peter C. FairweatherLabourer
B.B. FakelmanAsst Operator/Reprographic
Mark S. FakelmanTurner
Stephen M. FakelmanMachine Shop
J. Falco (nee Day)Sales Secretary/CC Sales
D.R. FalconerEngineering Manager
Ron J. FalkinderFitting Shop Foreman
D. FaneApprentice
S.H. FanningMachine Shop
Ian R. T. FarleyGroup Marketing Services
Malcolm FarleyMoulder
James C. FarmerLabourer
A.S. FarmeryFitting Shop Foreman WP&P
C. FarnowApprentice
A. FarrarWP&P
E.L. FarrarSection Leader - Printing
Joe FarrarSheet Metal Shop
William E. FarrarPrecision Grinder
John FarrellSafety Officer
David A. FarrellyPattern Maker
Ms Connie FarrerTyping Pool
David FarrerMiller
Ernest L. FarrerDraughtsman
Joe FarrerSheet Metal Shop
Joseph P. FarrerInspector
Kenneth FarrerD/O Manager
A.M. FarringtonTurret Setter & Operator
H. FarrinPlater - WP&P
Joe FarrinPlater
N. FarrinPlater
Keith F. FarrMoulder
Andrew P. FarrowSystems Engineer
Arthur FarrowSenior Inspector - Willesden
A.W. FarrowInspection
Claude FarrowDespatch/Paint Shop
E.E. FarrowCPO
Francesco FarrowApprentice/Fitter
Gavin FarrowApprentice/Moulder Coremaker/Spares
Graham T. FarrowField Engineering
G.W. FarrowField Engineering
Miss Jane FarrowVacation Student/Catering
Jim FarrowCPO/Welfare Manager/Security Manager/Sports Club Manager
J. FarrowClerk/Typist/FES Sales
M.D. FarrowLaboratory Assistant/Foundry
Pat FarrowCPO
Paul M. FarrowFitter/Process Engineer
P.J. FarrowSteel Stores
Stanley A. FarrowTurret Operator
W.S. FarrWP&P
C.G. Fasulo (nee Bell)Accounts
Francesco FaticaCrane Driver
M.A. Faulkner (nee Knight)Senior Operator/Reprographic
Bernard C. FaulknerCarpenter
Brian J.R. FaulknerTurret Setter
Miss Margaret FaulknerDrawing Office Archives
Miss S.J. Faulkner
W.K.G. FavellTurret Setter
Alan G. FawcettSales Correspondent - Bakery
A.C. FawcettSmall Milling Bay
Colin G. FawcettDraughtsman
A. FayElectrical Draughtsman
George R. FearGrinder
Percy FearInspector
Reginald FearPostal
Ron FearMachine Shop - Milling
R. FechterSheet Metal Worker
W.W.C. FelceSteel Stores
James A. FellChief Electrical Engineer - Biscuit
John FellFitter
Miss D. FelsteadCorrespondent/Foundry Div (Sales)
John FemminileBaked Products - Assembly
Miss J.S. FendleyOperator/Reprographic
Trevor J. FennellSheet Metal Worker
Paul FennesseySite Support Manager
George W.J. FennMaterial Controller
Nora FennAccounts
Miss Wendy FennAudio typist/Typing Pool
Miss A.J. FensomClerk/PED,FES
Kevin FensomeProduction Control - Machine Shop
Peggy FenwickDraughtswoman
Robert W. FenwickPlanner/Buyer
S. FernandoClerk/Progress
Arthur W.D. FernsFoundry Machinery Division
J.C. FernyhoughStudent Apprentice
S. "Dick" FerozeBiscuit Sales
Mateo FerraraFabrication
Charles H.M. FerrisField Engineering
Ms Vera FerrisRivet Hotter - WW2
Martin T. FesslerTechnical Contracts Engineer
Ivan A. FewTurret Operator
John M. FidlerLabourer
Val FidlerAdmin. Assistant
Anthony "Strawberry" FieldPlater
A. FieldPlater
Ronald FieldenField Engineering
I. Fielding (nee Palmer)Reprographic
Alan C. FieldingDesign Engineer
B.R. FieldingTurret Setter
William R. FieldingFitter
Paul R. FieldFitter
Peter W. FieldPlater
G.N. FieldsPlate Shop
Gordon N. FiggCorrespondent
E.G. FilbyBiscuit D/O
Ms Micky Filimeno
A. Filipowicz (nee Cave)Field Engineering
Fred FillinghamField Engineering
S. John P. FillinghamVertical Miller
Anthony R. FinchamSenior Correspondent
William C. FinchamLabourer
W. FinchamWP&P
David G. FinchGraduate Engineer
James A. FinchFitter
R.J. FinchApprentice
Geoffrey W. FindonFitter
Michelle J. Finney (nee Mease)Computer Operator/PMC
Mark J. FinneyCCS Commercial
Miss P.C. Finn
S. FinnService Engineer
W.R. FinnSenior Cashier/Cashiers
Miss Jill FirkinsTypist/Purchasing
Stewart FirmanClerk - Reprographic
John H.T. FirthFitting Shop
J. FirthCook/Canteen
Anthony R. FishTechnical Sales Rep.
E.C. FishbourneEngraving Shop
Charles R. FishMillwright
Arthur W. FisherSports Club (Groundsman)
Colin K. FisherAsst. Foreman - Despatch
David A. FisherBorer
D.W. FisherApprentice
D.W. FisherTurret Operator
F. FisherGraduate Apprentice
George R. FisherField Engineering - Biscuit
John A. FisherDraughtsman
John R. FisherFoundry
Kevin L. FisherSystems Analyst
Richard J. FisherGeneral Machinist
Rob G. FisherAccounts
R.E. FisherHorizontal Borer
Simon B. FisherComputer Programmer
Timothy D. FisherProduction Engineer
W.A. FisherToolmaker
George FishDraughtsman
John F. FishApprentice
David F. FitchSheet Metal Worker
D.J. FitchApprentice
M.A. FittonApprentice
Ian FitzgeraldInternal Auditor
C.M. Fitzjohn (nee Goodwin)Senior Operator/Reprographic
Anthony R. FitzjohnSenior Draughtsman - Biscuit
B.G. FitzjohnApprentice
Geoffrey W. FitzjohnApprentice
S.B. FitzjohnProduct Engineer - Bakery
W. FlandersWP&P
M. FlanzComputer Department
Derek A. FlattApprentice
M. FlattersSpecial Projects
John FlemingExternal Grinder
John N. FlemingGrinder
J.B. FlemingFitting Shop
J.F.W. FlemingSecretary/CCS Div (Sales)
P.E. FlemingStudent Apprentice
Robert B. FlemingCustomer Service Engineer
Stephen P. FlemingAsst. Production Engineer
J.F. FlemmingGeneral Stores
I.M. Fletcher (nee Goodwin)Secretary/Bisc Div (Spares)
Alan R. FletcherProduction Electrician
A. "Tony" FletcherD/O
A.H. FletcherPostal
Bill FletcherPlanning and Ratefixing
Derek FletcherD/O Mechanical Planning Engineer
Jean FletcherO+I
John G. FletcherPainter
John T. "Jack" FletcherBiscuit Sales
Miriam FletcherMachinist - WW2
Stephen A. FletcherService Engineer
Steve J. FletcherDesign Engineer
T.G. FletcherTemp. Clerk, part time
William FletcherRatefixer
Dr R.M. FlewittMedical Officer
Mark FlickerFinancial Analyst
J.D. FlinthamBilingual Correspondent
J.W. FlinthamWP&P
John (Jack) Flintoff 
Robin W. FlintoftFettler
Miss Sylvia Flint
Douglas H. FlorenceExperimental Engineer
Miss A.D. FlowerClerical Assistant
Peter J. FlowerComputer Operator
David G. FlowersSpares/Sports Club Steward
D.J. FlowersProcess Engineer
Miss J FlowersOperator/Barcro
S.W. FlowersField Engineering
Colin FloydSenior Electrical Draughtsman
Mr FodenPlate Shop Labourer
Ian FogartyElectrician
John FoggField Engineering
Peter B. FoisterTechnical Writer
G. FoleyWP&P
Brian A. FolgateExport Correspondent
A.E. FolkerTurret Operator
M.J. FolkerHorizontal Borer
Eric C. FooteSports Club Steward
S.R. FootittField Engineering
F.M. ForanMaintenance
Giovanni ForcellatiFitter
Guiseppe ForcellatiField Engineering
Paulina Ford (nee Hoppe)Secretary/BP Ltd Admin
Albert E. FordMoulder
A.W. FordFitter
Richard C. FordhamPlaner
R. Douglas FordhamDesign Engineer
R.C. FordhamMiller
H. FordWP&P
J.D. FordClerk/Typist, Sub-Contracts
A.I. ForemanStudent Apprentice
Leslie R. ForemanElectrician
R.D. ForemanDesign Engineer
Andrew T. FormonGraduate - Electronics
Peter J. FormosaTurner
L.J. Forrest (nee Barrett)Typing Pool
M.L. ForrestO&M
Barry C. ForsterContract Engineer.
Mark J. ForsterAccountant
Donald J. ForsythTape Driller
T.J. ForsythePayroll Officer/Personnel
Ms Jean ForsythWar Worker - WW2
Jim ForsythGroup Accounts
J.V. ForsythClerk/Production Control
Tracey ForsythBP Holdings - Pensions
Antonio ForteTool Room
Guiseppe ForteVacublast Operator
Robert E. ForthMaterials Handler
David R. FosterAdmin. Asst. - Production Control
Denis L. FosterFinal Accounts
D. FosterTurner
Frank FosterMachinist
Frederick E. FosterField Engineering
Gary FosterMiller
G. FosterMoulder
G.A. FosterApprentice
Miss June FosterTyping Pool
Mark FosterMachinist
Oswald FosterPlater's Mate
Philip A. FosterTechnical Writer
Simon FosterApprentice
Stephen R. FosterCommercial Trainee
Tony FosterTechnical Writer
T. FosterGearcutter
Terrance FotheringhamOutdoor Fitter
Miss Jean FouldsTyping Pool
P.A. Fountain (nee Kiddie)
Bernard D. FountainMaintenance
James W. FountainMachine Grinder
Jim FountainTool Room
Neil A. FountainElectrician - Production Maintenance
Ernest E. FovargueStoreman
Neville B. FovargueDespatch
Roy T. FovargueSpares Asst. - Production Control
Russ FovargueApprentice/Plater
Bill FowlerInspection Office Manager
B.T. FowlerApprentice
David FowlerApprentice
George FowlerMachine Shop Chargehand
Ian Roy FowlerTurner
J.T. FowlerCost Office
Mat FowlerSpares Department
Matt FowlerMachine Shop Office
Michael J. FowlerManufacturing Accounts Clerk
M.C. FowlerCPO
Robert F. FowlerApp. Fitter
Ronald T. "Flash" FowlerPlateshop Foreman
Simeon J. FowlerProgress Assistant
Tom FowlerHorizontal Borer
W.B. FowlerRough Grindery
William FowlesDe-Burrer
Denise Fox (Nee Gunn)Typing Pool
Adrian FoxElectrician
B.L.C. FoxApprentice
C.A. FoxClerk/Purchasing
C.E. FoxCorrespondent/Linguist
C.H. FoxTurner
D. FoxApprentice
G.E. FoxApprentice
Leslie A. FoxProduction Controller
Miss L.M. FoxBusiness Studies Trainee/BP Holdings
Philip E. FoxLabourer
Rodney G. FoxD/O
Stephen J. FoxSales Executive
William FoxSmall Components Cell
William R. FoxFitter
Neil D. FrameExperimental
Alan V. FranciaSpares
V.L. FranciaSales & Costs Dept.
Andrew J. FrancisStoreman
Clifford D. FrancisPurchasing
Joe FrancisPurchasing Department Saxophone Player in own Band)
L.M. FrancisClerk/PMC Accounts Payable
Michael FrancisDriller
Peter G. FrancisFitter
Richard J. FrancisChargehand - Special Machines
Rob FrancisElectrical Engineer
Sid Francis
V. FrancisWP&P
Peter D. Francon-SmithDeputy Manager - D/O
Howard P. FrankishFacilities Manager
B.J. Franklin
G.G. FranklinLabourer
Jack FranklinField Engineering
David D. FranksWelder
Derek FranksWelder
Derrick A. FranksFabrication
Mark N. FranksPlate Shop
Paul M. FranksPlater
William J. FranksRough Grinder
Cosimo FrascellaLabourer
Francesco FrascelloLabourer
Mr FraserApprentice - WP&P
Alan FraserPurchase ledger
Anne FraserShipping
Guy FraserSales Rep. - Biscuit
Ian FraserSalaries
Irmgard M.H. FreebornSecretary
Mrs FreemanFitting Shop - WW2
A.R.M. FreemanSenior Cook/Canteen (nights)
D.G. FreemanApprentice
Horace FreemanEstimating
Paul J. FreemanTurner
B.M. FreemantleTemp. Clerk, part time/Archives
Stan FreemantleCashiers
Stephen H. FreemantleCost Office Clerk
T.E. FreemanExperimental Engineer
William J. FreemanCommercial Office
Maurice C. FreestoneStudent Apprentice
Robert W. FreestoneField Engineering
Andrew J. FrenchWorkshop Progress
David J. FrenchQuality Assurance Engineer
D.G. FrenchApprentice
E.W. FrenchWP&P
Frederick FrenchMoulder
Henry E. FrenchRough Grinder
James W. FrenchSecurity
P.C. FrenchD/O
R.C. FrenchFitter
Stephen P. FrenchFabrication
Adrian FreshwaterMiller
Miss M.A. FreyherAssistant/Lithographic
Neil R. FrickerBaked Products - Assembly
Ian FrickletonTurner
J.E. Frisby (nee Cobb)
A. FrisbyWP&P
B.M. FrisbyApprentice
Gary FrisbyForeman - Bore Section
G. FrisbyJig & Tool Engineer
H.J. FrisbySpares Inspection
Peter M. FrisbyProduction Engineer
Simon C. FrisbyMiller
E. FrobisherStores
W.B. FrostickGeneral Office WP&P
L. FryerWP&P
Stephen K. FryerCost Account Trainee
William H. FryersDesign Engineer
Colin G. FudgerFoundry Labourer
Bob FullerSub- Contracts Manager
Frank R.H. FullerPublicity
Miss Helen L. FullerEscalators
M.J. FullerD/O
Nigel J. FullerPatternmaker
Thomas FullerPlater
Hugh FultonFitter
John FunningPlate Shop
Charles FursedownMaterials Handler
P.J. FyshTurret Operator

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