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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Leaving Westfield Road

The relocation of the Food machinery businesses to Paston took place from January to August 1991. Operations at Paston started on 5th August. The move entailed the building of a 12,500m2 factory and 6,500m2 of offices on a 24 acre site and the relocation of 150 machine tools, 450 workstations and 720 employees. The total cost was 35m. The following images are of that move.

The printing machinery business remained at Westfield Road for another 18 months, the last printing press being completed at the end of 1992. With this nearly 100 years of engineering production came to an end at Westwood Works.

(We would be pleased to hear from anyone who has photographs of the last days of the Printing m/c business at Westwood Works).

Mid 1991: A M/c Tool leaves the factory July 1991: Loaded up and ready to go An empty Drawing office in the 1932 multi-storey block The Black Shed at the North end of the site The Works entrance in Westfield Road The empty Pattern Shop Office Equipment stored at Westfield Road
July: Zayer milling m/c being removed from P3 bay Pearson Press Brake loaded onto low-loader at Westfield Road Dismantled pre-fabricated office buildings A removal van leaves for Paston 1994?: The APV Baker site at Paston

The last days of the Printing Division

We are grateful to Alan Thurston for these images of the last few weeks of activity in the Printing M/c Fitting Shop prior to its closure at the end of 1992.

The Last Machine produced at Westwood Works

This photograph was taken at the testing and Customer demonstration of the last machine completed in Westwood Works - the HS folder for Cradleyprint UK. The folder can just be seen in the background, with the inclined delivery conveyor to the right. Location was the narrower bay adjacent to the North side of the two main assembly bays (Fitting Shop).

This is the last trailer-load of Printing machine spares at Westfield Road prior to despatch to Goss, Preston.

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