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Westwood Works 1903-2003


Snooker was a feature of the Sports & Social Club from the time that the Alma Road Clubhouse was built, with three full sized tables in constant use.However, the game lost favour during the 1960s and the three tables were removed - two going into storage for many years in Westwood Works and the other was sold.

With regular TV coverage of the game in the mid-1980s, the bar in the Alma Road Clubhouse was modified to take the two tables that had been in store. Inter-departmental, and league and cup competitions against other local clubs were played on a regular basis. The table were in use right up until the time of the Club's closure.

Snooker is once again a regular feature of the Wednesday afternoon meetings of the Retired Members Section at the New England Club.

Staff Thomas wins the 1955 Peterborough District Snooker Clubs Championship 1981: Pools League Knockout 1983: Retired Members Snooker Competition Winners 1983: Winners of Retired Members Snooker Competition 1985: Westwood Snooker Team 1986: Jack Scott comes out of retirement 1985: Snooker "B" Team promoted to Division 1

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