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Westwood Works 1903-2003


The mid-1950s saw 'Jive' nights being held for the younger employees and many lasting romances followed from these get-togethers. Modern Ballroom dancing, including Latin American and Sequence Dancing was taught in the 1980s by Dennis and Dorothy Ward (a highly qualified dancing instructor).

With the disco revolution came the Johnny Firth Sound Party Disco. John (Fitting Shop) was the ninth member of the Rifle & Pistol Section Committee and had been given the job of organising the Section's Christmas parties and Dinners. At first, he used the Sports Club's sound equipment but soon, a friend made up a console and speakers plus lightbox and microphone and John was away. With help from his wife, Pat, in setting up the equipment, and putting on records, John organised discos for most of the Sports Club's sections, members private parties, the famous Family Nights, and the Bakery Division's Christmas party.

1955: Dance Section 1977: Dancing Class 1977: Christmas Party 1978: Christmas Dance The Johnny Firth Sound Party Disco.

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