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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Careers in Engineering

At the start of the 1970s, there was a growing concern about the apparent lack of interest being shown by school leavers in engineering as a career. In 1972, local engineering companies, local branches of professional engineering institutions, Peterborough Technical College, the EITB and DTI came together to create a "Careers in Engineering" stand at the annual East of England Show.

This aimed to illustrate to potential school leavers the vital importance of engineering to the life of the nation. The stand featured information on career opportunities together with photographs and models of the products made by local companies. Baker Perkins wholeheartedly supported this activity and the stand was a key stopping point in the itinerary of the VIP visitors to the Show.

1977: Jim Deboo meets the Duke of Gloucester 1978: Stephen Hargreaves and Jim Deboo greet Prince Charles 1978: Jim Deboo shows Prince Charles around the stand 1978: Presenting the gearwheel to Prince Charles 1978: Ted Thain meets His Royal Highness 1979: Careers in Engineering booklet 1979: Careers in Engineering booklet
1983: The-Duke of Gloucester tries out an ankle rotator

Presentation to Prince Charles

At the "Careers in Engineering" stand in 1978, Prince Charles was presented with an inscribed memento of his visit. The gearwheel was made in Baker Perkins' Works Cutter Shop and the presentation case in the Pattern Shop.

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