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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Queen's Awards for Industry

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Whilst operating from the Westwood Works site, Baker Perkins won the Queen's Awards in the years shown below:

1975: Baker Perkins Foundry Division (Technology)
1977: Baker Perkins Biscuit Division (Export)
1981: Baker Perkins PMC (Export)
1986: Baker Perkins PMC (Export)
1986: Baker Perkins BCS (Export)
1987: Baker Perkins Bakery (Technology)
1991: Baker Perkins Special Projects (Export)
1992: Baker Perkins Special Projects (Technology)

We have photos from the Award Ceremonies shown below - can anyone supply photographs of the Ceremonies from the other years?

1975: Letter of congratulations to the Foundry Division from Tony Benn 1977: Norman Mountain and Mike Smith receiving the Export Award 1977: Biscuit Fitting Shop and CPO celebration party 1981: Sir Peter Proby visits the Printing Division 1981: Mike Leggatt receives the Export Award on behalf of the Printing Division 1986: Biscuit Division - Exports. 1986: Welcoming the Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire to Westwood Works
1986: Ted Thain and Paul Parkinson receiving the Export Award 1986: Printing triumph again! 1986: Queen's Award Memorabilia 1991: Geoff Ridgway, Mike Clay and Brian Harris receiving the Export Award 1991: Special Projects - Exports

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