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Westwood Works 1903-2003

Manor House Hospital

It should come as no surprise to learn that the "family" culture of Baker Perkins extended to providing opportunities for employees to receive first class care when serious health problems were experienced. To meet this need Baker Perkins developed over many years, a strong association with the Manor House Hospital, situated in Golders Green, North London and governed by the Industrial Orthopaedic Society.

The scheme was optional but employees of the company, both staff and works were invited and encouraged to become members. Payments to the scheme were deducted at source, from wages and salaries. Travel expenses to London for employees requiring treatment were covered by the scheme.

Because of the number of employees belonging to the scheme, the company qualified for direct representation on the local Regional Committee. From here, nomination and election to the Executive Committee of the Hospital could follow. This committee determined the scope of treatment, subscription rates and all major matters relating to the running of the Hospital. A number of employees sat on these two committees whilst others acted as official representatives for the Hospital within the Works and Offices.

In 1999/2002 the hospital closed its facilities in Golders Green in favour of using other established hospitals in different parts of the country. This reduced running costs and enabled medical services and treatment for its members to be provided nearer to their homes. As a result of this it changed its name to "Simplyhealth".

In 2002 the organisation merged with HSA (Hospital Savings Association) and continues to provide high quality medical care for its members, many of whom remain from the days of Manor House Hospital.

These images record some of the history of Manor House Hospital and a number of aspects of its long-standing association with Baker Perkins.

The History of Manor House Hospital Manor House Hospital Inverforth House 1979: The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Peterborough visit Manor House 1981: Baker Perkins Logo presented to Manor House Unveiling of Plaque by Jim Farrow 1987: Traction Unit made by BP Apprentices
Dave Stonebridge shows the Traction Unit to the National Chairman Bill Brewer demonstrates the Ankle Rotator developed by BP Apprentices 1987: The National Chairman (Rex Hayward) visits Westwood Works 1989: Jim Farrow welcomes the Duchess of Kent to Manor House Jim Farrow (President) with the Manor House Honours Board".

The League of Friends

Jim Farrow introduces the Christmas Draw

The League of Friends was founded in 1982 to raise funds for Manor House Hospital, mainly from the sale of raffle tickets, twice a year; in Summer and at Christmas. It achieved substantial sales of tickets, raising 8m for major projects both at Manor House Hospital and at regional level. The League closed in 1997.

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