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Westwood Works 1903-2003

CPO Social Events

The CPO seemed to be a lively lot, never missing an opportunity for a party.

1950: CPO Annual Dinner 1951: CPO Annual Dinner 1951: CPO Outing to the Festival of Britain 1951: The CPO's New Year's Eve Celebrations 1951: The Celebrations Continue 1952: CPO Annual Dinner 1952: CPO Annual Dinner
1953: CPO Annual Dinner 1957: CPO Annual Dinner 1957/58?: Some Tramps gatecrash a CPO Party 1957/58?: Who's the Best Dressed Tramp then? More importantly, where's Security! 1966: Staff from the CPO and other departments take part in a sponsored walk around Peterborough 1950s: CPO Annual Dinner 1961: CPO Annual Dinner
1960?: Bill Clarke, Jim Farrow and Derek Hill smile nervously before the start of the CPO Gentlemen vs. Ladies Football Match

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